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Commercial Litigation

A pragmatic, commercially astute approach to business disputes

Commercial Litigation


At Fix My Company Ltd, our Solicitors have extensive experience in dealing with the requirements and concerns surrounding the commercial legal concerns that go with being in business.

Our team have a highly successful record in the Commercial Court, High Court, Supreme Court, Circuit & District Courts, as well as Employment Appeals Tribunals and other specialist tribunals and commissions.

The knowledge and in-depth experience from our partnering solicitors enable us to ensure contractual arrangements to protect and enhance our client’s interests and achieve the desired commercial outcome. This work often extends to shareholders agreements, investment contracts, product development, transactional agreements, sale/lease terms and conditions and aspects of company law pertaining to dispute or resolution in those areas. We also offer services in the areas of distribution, agency and franchise arrangements.

Where litigation is not always necessary, we can provide advice on the most appropriate action to take. But if the most appropriate method is court proceedings then we will have no hesitation in advising and bringing or defending proceedings on your behalf.

Our experience in complex and contentious commercial disputes includes:

  • Share Holder Agreements

  • Research & development Agreements

  • Agency, Distribution & Franchise Agreements

  • Limited Liability Partnership Agreements

  • Business Contracts

  • Terms & Conditions

  • Merges & Acquisitions

  • Partnership & LLP Advise

  • Joint Venture Partnerships

  • Formation of Companies, Patterners & LLP

  • Corporate Governance Advise

  • Corporate Reorganisations and Insolvency

  • Secured Lending & Corporate Finance Advise

  • Intellectual Property & UT Advice

  • Sale & Purchase of Companies, Businesses and Assets

  • Copyright Law

  • Cookies, Data Protection & Internet Law

  • Solicitors on Site

  • Patent Attorney

  • Trademark Attorney

Why Us

• Our specialist litigation solicitors have experience in dealing with “emergency” matters requiring urgent attention such as injunctions (commercial, employment etc.) and asset freezing/seizure claims.

• We identify key issues early and determine the best overall pathway for our clients – whether through formal litigation, mediation, negotiation or other dispute resolution techniques. We have a tailored approach to suit each case.

• We recognise that there are alternative means to settle disputes before having to resort to court proceedings. We prefer to emphasise ‘dispute resolution’ in an attempt to bring about a commercial and practical resolution to disputes by engaging in various methods of alternative dispute resolution and mediation.

• We strongly advocate a client’s position must be balanced with strategically aiming for an early settlement of a dispute, since the longer a business dispute goes on, the more it is likely to cost. We’ll make a proper cost benefit analysis of every dispute or issue and, where necessary, provide firm and focused representation in court or before any relevant tribunal, and in negotiations aimed at resolving disputes to our clients’ advantage.

• We have extensive experience that is coupled with both the capacity and flexibility to deal with large and small matters alike in all areas of commercial, public and private law.

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