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If you are an Independent Hotelier or Restaurateur wishing to improve your operations, develop your staff and increase your bookings then you are in the right place. We specialise in working with hospitality businesses that are struggling to keep up with their competition. You need assistance to be running at 100% occupancy, you have staffing issues and need more efficient and effective systems in place. We will assist your business by working operationally with your owner / managers to unlock your business potential, increase your revenue, have loyal dedicated staff and repeat guests.

We do this by looking at all aspects of your business from the way you structure it through to your service delivery.

“Assisting Hospitality Businesses to Create Memorable Guest Experiences”

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About Us

We work operationally with the owner / managers of independent hotels and restaurants who need assistance with common hospitality issues such as, service delivery, ineffective systems and procedures, staffing problems and unhappy guests. We will work with you to put together a strategy that you can implement yourself so you move away from your complaining guests and move towards a profitable business that can be run without you constantly being there.

The best businesses run themselves.

Your Own Hospitality Consultant

The primary job of our hospitality consultancy team is to make your business better. You will work with a dedicated consultant who will run a discovery session with you to determine exactly how we can help you and make a real difference to your business. Having looked at your current situation we will carry out an in-depth assessment of your operations from the customer’s perspective. This will involve an overnight stay at your hotel and/or a meal in your restaurant. From this experience a report will be produced with recommendations. Together we will implement these actions which will involve you and your team.

Your consultant will work alongside your team, develop your team through training and coaching, and assess your team so you can measure the success of the results from this process.

Our Results

Having gone through this process you will be able to have more efficient systems in place, a motivated and productive team, and customers that will be your best advert as you create memorable experiences for each of them.

This will be seen in higher occupancy, repeat business and lower staff turnover.

Who Is This Service Ideal For?

As an Independent Hotelier or Restaurateur, you need to be ahead of your competition. You may have just launched your business, or you may be well established. Either way a fresh set of eyes will see things that have become an everyday blur to you.

Our service will assist you to evolve, adapt and keep you up to date with the latest industry trends that will impact your business.

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