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Professional Negligence

Virtually everyday we put our trust in professionals to do a good job.


If you have suffered business losses or damage to your commercial reputation through the actions or advice of a third party, you may have a claim for professional negligence.

Accountants, architects, financiers, bankers, barristers, surveyors, engineers, estate agents and many more professionals should be expected to act and advise with professional competence. If they are negligent and fall below acceptable standards, and damage or losses result, there may be grounds for a case against them.

Sometimes business professionals make mistakes that can have a serious impact in your business. Fix My Company Ltd partners with one of the largest claimant professional negligence teams in the UK, whom can act on your behalf if you’ve received negligent advice or service from a professional advisor.

Our Solicitors have acted for several clients in cases involving professional negligence, and are well practiced in untangling complex litigation, while pursuing separate actions against those professionals who have fallen short of their duty of care. We have successfully recovered money for our clients to pay for the damage caused by professional negligence.

Professionals often have indemnity insurance to protect themselves in the event of a negligence claim being made against them. In these cases, the individual’s financial position will not affect your claim.

When you contact us, we will provide you with a no obligation consultation to set a clear and concise way forward.

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